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Moving Bins for Rent

Searching for affordable moving bins for rent? Stack Moves provides an easy, reliable solution to guarantee the safety of your belongings while moving from one location to another.

Traditional packing methods like using cardboard boxes lack durability and efficiency.

Our moving bins are made from durable plastic and are reusable, making them a cost effective and environmentally friendly option to make your move easy.

Get Your Rented Bins Delivered

We offer a range of moving bins suitable for any move – be it residential moves or corporate, local or long-distance at an affordable price. 

Our delivery and pick-up options, guarantee a stress-free moving experience, delivered directly to your door. Ready to accommodate your next move? Contact Us Today!

You Pack & Move

Pack, Stack, and Move to your new home! Stack is the perfect solution whether you are hiring a moving company or moving yourself.

Efficient packing starts with the selecting of the right tools. Moving bins, particularly those made from durable plastic, have risen in popularity as a reliable alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. 

Plastic moving bins, made from recycled plastic, can be used repeatedly, drastically reducing the demand for new packing materials and the volume of waste generated. 

The use of plastic moving crates and boxes not only ensures that your items are protected during the move but also facilitates an organized relocation process. With options like crush-proof and dust-resistant features, these containers keep your belongings safe, while their uniform sizes make stacking and loading into moving trucks more systematic and efficient.

We’ll Pick Up Your Rented Bins When You’re Done

Select which package is best suited for your moving needs. Our suggested packages for each bedroom size are based on industry-standard needs.

Our Moving Bins For Rent Are Convenient 

The ease of transportation provided by uniform sizes and designed-to-fit dollies or hand trucks simplifies moving day logistics, making it easier to move heavy loads without strain.

Our moving bins offer features that enhance convenience and efficiency during the moving process. Their stackability ensures a more organized and space-efficient loading process, whether in a moving truck or storage unit. 

Our Moving Bins for Rent Are Cost-Effective

Plastic moving boxes can be rented, used, and returned, eliminating the need to buy new plastic boxes each time you move.  While cardboard boxes can only be reused a limited number of times before they become unfit for further use. 

Our Moving Bins For Rent Are Environmentally Beneficial

By renting moving boxes made from recycled plastic, you participate in contributing to a sustainable economy that prioritizes the reuse of materials and minimizes environmental impact. This eco-friendly approach aligns with growing environmental concerns and the push towards more sustainable living practices.

Moving Bins For Rent

15 Bins

1 Dolly, 15 Labels Included


+ $30 / additional week


25 Bins

2 Dolly, 25 Labels Included


+ $40 / additional week

1 Bedroom

35 Bins

2 Dolly, 35 Labels Included


+ $50 / additional week

2 Bedroom

50 Bins

3 Dolly, 50 Labels Included


+ $70 / additional week

3 Bedroom

75 Bins

4 Dolly, 75 Labels Included


+ $100 / additional week

4 Bedroom

100 Bins

5 Dolly, 100 Labels Included


+ $125 / additional week

5 Bedroom

Benefits of Stack Bins

Efficient + Hassle-Free

We deliver bins to your home and pick them up post-move so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of sourcing, putting together, or discarding cardboard boxes.

Safe + Clean

Each bin is extremely durable, stackable, sturdy, and rigorously sanitized. Stack bins help to limit damage and keep your valuables safe.


Renting plastic is a similar all-in cost to cardboard boxes without the need to purchase tape.


Our bins are made in the US from recycled plastic, re-used for every move, and eliminate waste.

How Our Moving Bin Rental Service Works

Our services are designed to accommodate everything from a compact studio apartment to a spacious family home.

You need to explore the different bin rental packages available. Whether you’re moving out of a studio apartment, a one-bedroom, or a large family home, we have a moving solution for you. Each package is tailored to include a specific number of plastic moving boxes, packing tape, labels, and other essential moving supplies to suit the size of your move.

Decide how many boxes you need and how long you’ll need the moving boxes. Once you’ve selected your package and the rental period, you can go ahead to schedule your delivery.

We offer free next-day delivery as our delivery team will drop off the bins at your doorstep, making the process convenient and stress-free.

After you’ve settled into your new home, simply schedule a pick-up for the bins. Our team will come to your location to collect the empty boxes, saving you the hassle of disposing of used packing materials. T

  • What an amazing experience

    “I had started off apprehensive about the entire experience and ended up wonderfully surprised at the efficiency and smoothness of the entire operation. The stack team was helpful and professional through the entire process. When I couldn’t return the boxes on time, they even graciously extended my rental period for another 2 days at no extra charge. I recommend Stack for everyone’s moving needs. What a relief”

    -Neethi P.
  • Best moving decision I’ve ever made!

    “It was so easy-prompt delivery and pickup. Moving with durable crates made moving so much easier for all involved. Many words of praise from my family, friends, and the professional movers who helped us move. Not dealing with putting the cardboard boxes together, the tape, then flattening and removing the boxes was priceless! I have had may requests for how I found you and for your name”

    -Mary S.
  • Stack makes moving a breeze!

    “Stack made my move from Orlando to Miami extremely easy. The boxes were sturdy, big and I loved how they closed. I felt my items were secure during my move. The free dollies that were included made moving the boxes even easier. Their customer service was amazing as well. Everyone I interacted with was so nice and helpful, especially when I submitted the wrong address for pick-up. They were able to take care of me right away . Thank you for a stress free move”

    -Amanda B.
  • What a great experience

    “What a great experience! I absolutely loved the service, very professional and it made my move less stressful! I would use stack moves again without a doubt”

    Fernanda G.
  • Sustainable moving at a great price

    “Can’t say enough good things about this. The convenience factor was huge, the guys were very friendly, all at an extremely reasonable cost once you factor buying the equivalent amount of wasteful cardboard boxes”

    Anthony P.

Packing Tips and Tricks

For fragile items, ensure to line the bottom of the plastic moving box with bubble wrap or packing paper for an extra layer of protection. 

Use crumpled paper, towels, or clothing to fill any gaps in the bins to prevent items from shifting during the move. Marking bins containing fragile items with clear labels indicating “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” will ensure they are treated delicately.

If you’re packing books while moving, stack them horizontally to avoid damaging their spines. If you must pack books vertically, do so with the paper edges facing up to prevent bending. Keep in mind that books are heavy so do not overpack. We recommend using smaller bins if available to make transportation easier and prevent the bins from becoming too heavy.

Rolling clothes instead of folding them can save space and reduce wrinkles. This method is especially effective for casual wear.

To keep things organized, ensure that you label everything and keep an inventory. It also comes in handy to set aside one moving box for essentials you’ll need immediately upon arriving at your new home, such as toiletries, a change of clothes, basic tools, and chargers. Label this bin clearly and keep it accessible.

Let’s Move Together

We currently operate in MiamiOrlandoTampaNashvilleDallasFort-WorthAtlantaAustin, Memphis & more! –  serving a ~50-mile radius around each of our live markets and can offer city-to-city rentals if you’re moving between 2 cities that we operate in!

Rent Moving Bins Today!

Renting moving bins for rent for your relocation can transform a typically stressful event into a streamlined, eco-friendly process. Using moving bins makes an excellent choice for anyone looking to move efficiently, safely, and with minimal environmental impact.

Moving doesn’t have to be synonymous with stress and environmental harm. By opting to rent moving bins, you’re choosing a path that not only secures your belongings but also respects the planet. 

Ready to make your next move smoother, more secure, and environmentally friendly? Stack Moves is here to support you with flexible rental packages tailored to your specific needs.

Choose Stack Moves for your moving bin rental needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery or pick-up fee?

Delivery and pick-up is free and included in the price if you’re within a certain radius of our live markets! If delivery and/or pick-up is outside of our main operating zone, then there is a small fee just to cover cost of gas & time.

Do I need to be present for delivery + pick-up?

Yes, in most cases someone over the age of 18 needs to be present to sign for and accept the delivery. If for some reason you will not be present, let us know in advance and we may be able to work out a special delivery if there is a safe space to leave the boxes and dollies.

How big are the bins?
What happens if I want to extend my rental?
What is the cancellation policy?