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Best Bins For Moving

March 27, 2024

Choosing the right bins for moving is crucial for a smooth and efficient relocation process. Not only does it ensure the safety and security of your belongings during transit, but it also facilitates a more organized packing and unpacking experience.

If you’re in the process of planning a move and are looking for moving bins to rent, Stack Moves has moving bins that cater to all your different needs. Our bins will ensure that your moving experience is as stress-free as possible. Contact us now to order moving bins for rent, whether you’re in Florida, Texas, Tennessee or Georgia.

When selecting the best bins for your move, considering factors like durability, size, ease of use, and environmental considerations will help ensure you’re making the right choice.

Types of Moving Bins

Types of Moving Bins


Whether you are looking for corporate moving bins for rent, tailored to meet the specific needs of your office relocation, or residential moving bins for rent, choosing the right types of moving boxes can greatly influence the ease and efficiency of your relocation. As such, you should know what types of moving bins there are and their pros and cons. 

Plastic bins are as durable as they are waterproof and provide protection for your belongings against impacts, moisture, and pests. Plastic bins often come with secure lids that clip in place, eliminating the need for tape. These boxes are reusable and can stack easily and securely. This feature makes them ideal for both moving and long-term storage. However, plastic storage bins are more expensive than cardboard boxes and take up more space when not in use. That’s why renting moving boxes is an excellent solution.

Cardboard boxes are generally cost-effective and widely available. They are lightweight and come in various sizes to accommodate different items. One unique fact about these moving boxes is that they can easily be broken down for recycling after use. It makes them an environmentally friendly option. However, they are not durable as they are susceptible to damage from moisture or heavy handling, plus they can be cumbersome to stack securely without crushing. Cardboard boxes also require tape for assembly and sealing, which adds an extra step in packing and unpacking.

Specialty bins like wardrobe boxes and dish pack boxes are designed for specific items and offer optimal protection. For example, wardrobe boxes come with a bar for hanging clothes to prevent wrinkles and damage during the move. Dish-pack boxes also have dividers to protect fragile dishes and glassware. Specialty bins are typically more expensive than standard cardboard or plastic bins and may not be necessary for all moving situations. They are also bulkier and require more storage space when not in use.

Key Features to Look For When Choosing the Best Bins For Move

Key Features to Look For When Choosing the Best Bins For Move


One of the most important features to consider when choosing your moving bins is durability. Look for bins made from high-quality, durable materials capable of withstanding heavy weights and preventing damage to your items. Plastic bins and containers often offer more protection against impacts and harsh conditions compared to cardboard boxes, especially for heavy books, household goods, and fragile items. Durability is crucial for long-term storage and for ensuring your belongings survive the move intact.

Another feature to consider is size and capacity. Small boxes may be ideal for heavy items or books, while larger bins are better suited for bedding, clothes, and lighter, bulkier items. Consider the maximum volume you’ll need to store clothing, oddly shaped items, camping gear, and more. Additionally, using clear plastic storage bins can help identify contents easily,  which saves you time and hassle.

When looking to get moving boxes, you should also consider stackability. Stackable boxes allow for safer and more compact loading into moving trucks and storage spaces. Look for boxes with designs that ensure stability when stacked. This prevents toppling and saves precious space. This feature is particularly useful for storing items in small spaces, and garages, or for organizing holiday decorations and other seasonal items.

Security should also be considered before getting moving boxes. Features such as lockable lids and sturdy handles enhance the security and portability of your belongings. Lockable lids provide peace of mind for those storing valuables or moving sensitive items, while robust handles make lifting and transporting boxes easier, reducing the risk of dropping and damage. These features are essential for both residential and corporate moving bins, ensuring that everything from personal clothing to office equipment is safely transported.

Lastly, you should also consider sustainability.  With environmental concerns growing, selecting eco-friendly and reusable bins is increasingly important. Plastic bins, while not always biodegradable, offer the advantage of reusability for multiple moves or storage needs, reducing waste. Look for storage solutions from providers committed to sustainability, offering boxes made from recycled materials or participating in recycling programs.

How do you Secure Plastic Bins for Moving?

How do you Secure Plastic Bins for Moving?


Moving dollies are excellent for transporting heavy plastic boxes safely. They allow you to move multiple boxes at once, reducing the physical strain and speeding up the moving process. Make sure to secure the bins to the dolly with straps or bungee cords to prevent them from sliding off during transport.

Will Movers Move Plastic Bins? Yes, most movers will move plastic boxes. Many professional movers prefer them over cardboard boxes due to their durability, ease of handling, and stackability. Plastic boxes offer more protection for your items, especially if they are equipped with sturdy lids. However, it’s always a good idea to inform your moving company about the type of containers you plan to use so they can prepare accordingly.

The number of boxes or bins you need when moving depends on the size of your home and the amount of belongings you have. On average, for a one-bedroom apartment, you might need between 20 to 40 boxes or bins. For larger homes, the number could easily double or triple.

The Importance of Quality Moving Bins

Investing in good quality moving bins, like clear plastic storage bins or sturdy plastic containers, can be more cost-effective in the long run. Although the price of plastic bins may be higher than cardboard boxes, their durability and reusability mean they can be used for multiple moves or as long-term storage solutions, offering more value over time.

Where and How to Rent Moving Bins

Where and How to Rent Moving Bins

Rental companies typically offer delivery and pick-up of the bins, saving you time and effort but do not provide the moving boxes. In most cases, the bins have to be ready for the road when the movers arrive.

To rent moving boxes from Stack Moves, you should:

  1. Choose your suitable rental package. Our packages are designed to accommodate everything from small 1-bedroom apartments to large homes with 3 bedrooms.
  2. Pick a delivery date and time. Once you’ve selected your package, schedule a delivery date that works for you. We recommend scheduling the delivery a few days before you plan to start packing to give yourself plenty of time.
  3. Move to your new home. After packing, transport your bins to your new home. The sturdy design of our bins ensures your items stay secure during the move.
  4. Plan for pick-up. Once you’ve unpacked, schedule a pick-up for the bins. We’ll come to collect them, so there’s no need for you to deal with disposing of or storing the empty boxes.

The Top Pick for Moving Bins

For those looking to simplify their moving process with reliable and durable moving bins, our services cater to various needs based on the size of your flat and personal requirements. We have options, tailored to accommodate everyone from individuals to large families, across our service locations in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Georgia.

For people in these regions, our moving bins offer a practical and secure way to transport their things. Whether you’re moving to a 1 bedroom apartment or a large household, our bins provide the durability, size, and security you need to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Renting moving bins is a practical and eco-friendly option that offers numerous benefits over traditional cardboard boxes. Whether you are looking for corporate moving bins for rent or residential moving bins for rent, choosing the right types of moving boxes will influence the ease and efficiency of your relocation.

Our quality moving bins for rent provide, not only the practical benefits of durability and protection but also contribute to a more organized and relaxed move. They allow for easy packing, stacking, and transporting of your belongings, ensuring everything arrives at your new home in the same condition it left.

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