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Quick Packing Tips for Last-Minute Moves

April 30, 2024

Planning a last-minute move can be a daunting experience. Many find themselves rushing to pack everything while also trying to manage logistics, communicate with movers etc.

There are key packing strategies you can incorporate that can lessen the stress and chaos on moving day. In this post, we will be sharing our experience with proven & quick packing tips that will help you pack your belongings efficiently and also ensure that nothing is forgotten. 

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Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

The key to having a successful last-minute move is to get organized first. I know what you’re thinking – but I don’t have time!

Even if it just it’s just 10 minutes, you’ll want to get organized with everything you need to move prior to starting the process.

With that said, once you’ve made a list of everything you’ll need to move it’s time to start thinking about what tools you’ll need.

You’ll want to have enough moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. You can start with our moving box calculator to estimate how many boxes you’ll need based on your home size. This can help you save time and money. 

Pro tip: Avoid over-packing boxes. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books and larger boxes for lighter items like linens and pillows. It is also helpful to mark boxes and label everything with color-coded stickers or labels. 

Hiring professional movers or packers can help, but the preparation in advance will save you time and money. Movers can handle the heavy lifting and ensure your items are safely transported. Ultimately, whichever option you decide to go with, be it to have professional movers pack for you or for you to do so yourself, you must stay on top of any necessary arrangements for the move. If you are moving by yourself ensure that you arrange a moving truck and if you have a moving company that will come and pack for you confirm details with them early. If you are moving long distance, verify all arrangements related to travel and any potential storage units.

If you’re really pressed for time, focus on large items and furniture first. You can always wrap up small odds and ends later. In addition, reduce clutter by donating items you no longer need or hiring a professional junk removal company to dispose of unwanted goods.

Importantly, you need to have realistic goals. You must understand that not everyone may go perfectly. Thus, set achievable goals and keep a flexible attitude towards the moving process. 

5 Minute Pre-Move Preparation

5 Minute Pre-Move Preparation

Looking for how to quickly pack and prepare in 5 minutes? First, you should draft a quick checklist that prioritizes tasks based on urgency. This should include hiring movers, packing your belongings, finalizing your travel arrangements, and handling utilities. Since you’re short on time, your checklist must be concise and focused on critical tasks.

Then you should sort items rapidly and quickly decide what to keep, donate, or dispose of. You should keep essential items and things you use daily. You can donate items still in good condition that you no longer use. However, you should dispose of broken items or those not suitable for donation. 

While doing your pre-move preparation, you should have certain essential packing supplies at the ready. They include moving boxes, plastic wrap, packing tape, tape scissors, packing paper and bubble wrap, trash bags, markers and color-coded stickers. When packing, begin with the most critical items. Then, pack a bag with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival like toiletries, chargers, important documents, etc. 

You can also decide to get a free moving estimate beforehand to understand your expenses, especially if you’re moving a long distance or if you require storage units. For example, you can get an estimate on the average moving costs for a 1-bedroom apartment in CA. Getting such information can be helpful for budgeting.

Time-Saving Packing Strategies

Time-Saving Packing Strategies

Setting up a central packing station in a designated area of your home is a helpful time-saving packing strategy. Here, you would have all your packing supplies like moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper readily accessible. This strategy not only saves time but also keeps your packing efforts organized. 

Furthermore, you can also adopt the one-room-at-a-time approach. For this strategy, you would focus on one room at a time when packing. This method helps in minimizing confusion and ensures that you don’t miss anything important. It also makes unpacking more straightforward because everything from one room is packed together. In addition, you must also ensure that you choose the best boxes for moving

Clothing and Soft Goods: The Bundle Technique

Knowing how to pack clothes when packing is something that can save time and energy. Rolling and bundling clothing instead of folding them flat can be a game-changer. This technique involves laying clothes flat, placing a small item like a sock or underwear at the center, and wrapping other clothes around this core. This not only saves space but also reduces wrinkling, making it an efficient method for packing soft goods. 

You should use wardrobe boxes for items that need to remain hanging, and trash bags can serve as impromptu garment bags in a pinch. This method is especially effective for maximizing the space in smaller boxes and keeping your clothing organized and easy to unpack.

Packing electronics and appliances in their original boxes is ideal because these boxes are designed to protect the items during transit. The custom inserts and padding help prevent movement and cushion against shocks. If the original packaging isn’t available, use sturdy moving boxes and secure the items with bubble wrap and packing paper. Additionally, ensure that fragile items are marked clearly and kept separate from heavier items to avoid damage.

Packing Essentials: What to Keep Handy

Packing Essentials: What to Keep Handy

It is always important to have an essentials bag when packing. This box contains items you’ll need for the first night and the following few days after your move. This box should be clearly labeled and packed last so that it can be accessed first upon arrival at your new home.

The essentials box is necessary because it minimizes the stress and chaos of searching through numerous boxes for your day-one necessities after a tiring move. It ensures that even if everything else isn’t unpacked right away, you and your family can still settle in comfortably.

Your essentials box should contain personal items like toiletries, medications, glasses, and a change of clothes. It should also have important documents like identification, medical records, lease or purchase documents for the new home, insurance policies, and other critical paperwork. Furthermore, ensure that you pack enough bedding for each family member to sleep comfortably along with a set of towers for showers for the first few days. 

If you have children or pets, include necessary items like diapers, baby food, pet food, and favorite toys to keep them comfortable. The box should also contain chargers for smartphones and laptops. Additionally, it should have a flashlight or small lamp as you might arrive after dark or find certain rooms without adequate lighting. 

Last-Minute Packing Hacks

Last-Minute Packing Hacks

One last-minute packing hack that comes in handy during the packing process is leveraging the luggage and duffle bags you already own to pack clothes, shoes, and even some bulky items like blankets and pillows. These bags are handy because they are easy to transport and can fit a lot of items. Moreover, using luggage means you are utilizing every bit of storage space available, reducing the need for additional boxes.

For bedding, towels, and clothing, vacuum-seal bags are helpful. These bags compress the items and reduce the volume they occupy. This is beneficial for moving bedding and seasonal clothing, which can otherwise take up a lot of space. Not only do vacuum-seal bags save space, but they also protect your items from moisture, dirt, and pests during the move.

To pack dishes and fragile items quickly yet safely, utilize your soft goods like towels, socks, or even t-shirts as wrapping materials. This dual-purpose strategy not only saves on packing material but also packs more items into the same space. For example, wrap each plate in a T-shirt or towel and stack them vertically in small to medium boxes, as they’re less likely to break this way.

When and How to Ask for Help

When and How to Ask for Help

Moving can be an overwhelming task, especially if it’s last minute. However, when you have your friends and family around, packing is done quickly and becomes a bit more enjoyable. 

To get your friends and family involved, reach out to them via phone or text and be clear about the kind of help you need and the time commitment involved. Then, pick a time that is likely to be convenient for most people. Evenings or weekends usually work best. 

It is important to prepare and have all your packing supplies ready before they arrive. Furthermore, you should offer incentives like snacks, drinks, or even promise to return the favor. Also, assign tasks based on strengths. Let some friends handle the heavy lifting while others can wrap delicate items or manage organizing the boxes.

If your move is too big to handle alone or you don’t have enough help from friends and family, hiring professional packers would be necessary. To do this, you need to check the availability and flexibility of moving companies. You should also ask the right questions before making a decision. For example, inquire about their experience, insurance policies, and the services they offer. Furthermore, confirm whether they can handle special items that require careful packing or heavy lifting.

Even though it is last minute, try to get at least a couple of quotes to ensure you are getting a fair price. In addition, understand what’s included in the package. For example, many people often ask ‘Do moving companies pack for you?’ Make sure you know exactly what the movers’ services will include. 

Moving Day: Execution and Flexibility

Typically, you should have a checklist when preparing for moving day. Before the movers arrive or you start loading the truck, do a final packing review to ensure that all boxes are properly sealed and labeled with items and their designated rooms. You should also go through each room, including closets, attic, basement, and garage, to make sure nothing is left behind. 

Keep in mind that moving day can come with its set of unforeseen issues. Therefore, you should be flexible with timing. Additionally, stay in close contact with your movers. Ensure that they have your correct new address and a phone number to reach you at any time. It is also important to know what to do in case of an emergency, including having a first aid kit and the phone numbers for local emergency services. 

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If you find yourself needing to pack in a hurry, you should prepare a packing checklist and gather your packing supplies quickly. Using the one room at a time packing strategy helps to save time. It is also essential to keep a few boxes aside as your essentials bag. Importantly, you should clearly label all boxes with their content and which room they belong to. This helps professional movers and saves a lot of time during unloading and unpacking.

Moving in a hurry doesn’t have to be a chaotic experience. With the right tools and strategies, you can pack efficiently and ensure nothing gets left behind. Remember, preparation and organization are key, even when time is short.

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