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Average Moving Cost for a 1 Bedroom Apartment – Everything you Need to Know

Moving, whether across town or the country, involves many factors to consider, from hiring movers to selecting the right packing materials. One of the key but unexpected factors in managing moving costs is the selection of packing materials.

For local movers, the cost of relocating a 1-bedroom apartment typically ranges from $300 to $1,500 including the cost of buying cardboard boxes. This, however, while readily available and inexpensive, may not always be the most eco-friendly or cost-efficient choice in the long run.

At Stack Moves, we’ve adapted to the growing demand for sustainable moving solutions. We cater to the needs of those moving from a 1-bedroom apartment or larger by offering eco-friendly bin rentals. 

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the average moving cost for a 1 bedroom apartment and other factors to consider.

Average Moving Cost for 1 Bedroom Apartment in 2024

Average Moving Cost for 1 Bedroom Apartment in 2024

Los Angeles is known for its dynamic lifestyle and diverse housing market. The cost of living, including rental prices, can influence the decision between hiring full-service movers versus a DIY move. With the city’s vast geography, moving within Los Angeles or to and from the city can vary greatly in cost.

Hiring movers in bustling urban centers like Los Angeles can significantly ease the moving process. For local Los Angeles movers, the average moving cost for a 1 bedroom apartment typically ranges from $300 to $1,500, depending on the extent of services required. This could include everything from the basic transport of all your belongings to comprehensive solutions that cover packing, unpacking, and arranging items in your new home. For long-distance moves, the price can escalate to between $2,000 to $5,000 or more, largely influenced by the distance and the total weight of the items being moved.

For those considering a more hands-on approach, renting a moving truck is a viable option. The cost calculator for a rental truck will vary depending on the rental duration and the distance of the move. Daily rates can range from $20 to $40, with additional charges for mileage and fuel costs. This DIY moving cost also necessitates considering the price of packing supplies and the potential need for additional moving insurance.

The packing process requires an assortment of materials, including boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. While some may opt for free moving boxes from local stores or community sites, investing in high-quality packing supplies can safeguard your belongings, especially for long-distance moves. The average cost for packing supplies for a 1-bedroom apartment can range from $50 to $200, depending on the quantity and quality of materials. Eco-friendly options, such as rented plastic bins or boxes made from recycled materials, offer a sustainable alternative that can minimize environmental impact while potentially saving money.

The Hidden Costs of Moving

The Hidden Costs of Moving

Moving, especially in dynamic environments like Los Angeles, often involves a lot. Beyond the anticipated expenses of professional movers, truck rentals, and packing supplies, there are hidden costs that can catch you off guard, affecting your overall moving budget.

Insurance is one of the hidden costs involved in moving. While hiring professional moving companies often includes basic coverage, they often do not fully cover the value of belongings if anything is lost or damaged. 

Furthermore, if you’re moving heavy or bulky items, such as a piano, movers may charge extra fees. These additional services can significantly increase moving costs.

Despite meticulous planning, the need for last-minute packing supplies can arise, leading to unplanned expenses. Whether it’s additional boxes, bubble wrap, or packing tape, these costs add up quickly.

Other hidden factors include:

Cost of Cardboard Boxes

When planning a move, especially for a 1-bedroom apartment, the cost of cardboard boxes is an essential budget item to consider. Typically, a move of this scale requires various sizes of boxes, including small, medium, large, and specialized boxes for items like wardrobes and dishes. 

On average, purchasing enough cardboard boxes for a 1-bedroom apartment move can range from $50 to $100, depending on the quality and quantity of boxes needed. This estimate does not include additional supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper, which can further increase the cost. That is why you should opt for Stack Move’s affordable option of plastic bins that do not require these additional supplies. 

Durability and Security Risks

Durability and Security Risks

Comparing the durability and security of cardboard boxes versus plastic bins reveals significant differences. Cardboard boxes, while cost-effective, are susceptible to damage from moisture, and tearing, and can easily be crushed, risking the safety of the contents inside. Plastic bins, on the other hand, offer superior durability, better protection against environmental factors, and added security with the ability to lock or seal the bins. These features make plastic bins a preferable option for ensuring the safety of your belongings during a move.

The initial cost of renting plastic bins may be higher than purchasing cardboard boxes, but when considering the reduced risk of damage to belongings and the potential for multiple uses, plastic bins can be more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable boxes, aligning with sustainability goals by reducing waste and deforestation impacts.

With cardboard boxes, there are chances that your items might break when the boxes get weak. Due to this, you have to start buying and replacing items after the move. It is an unbudgeted expense that can be overwhelming. Therefore, you should avoid this by opting for rental plastic bins instead.

At Stack Move, we understand the need for professional support while moving. That is why we recommend that you reach out to trusted local movers or local moving companies. You can go online to check for movers in Los Angeles to find a local moving company. However, ensure that you read through the reviews and check how people rate the moving services of each local mover before making a final decision.

On our part, we are ready to support you with moving boxes or plastic bins to significantly ease the moving process.

Environmental Concerns

The environmental impact of using new cardboard for each move adds up, contributing to deforestation and waste. Here, the significance of eco-friendly packing options becomes evident. Eco-friendly boxes, made from recycled materials or designed for reuse, offer a sustainable alternative that can help reduce your move’s carbon footprint.

Moreover, renting eco-friendly plastic bins presents a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.  Especially for those in bustling cities like Los Angeles, where the cost and logistics of moving can vary widely, making informed choices can significantly affect both your wallet and the environment.

These bins are sturdy, reusable, and can be rented for the duration of your move, eliminating the need for buying and disposing of cardboard boxes. By opting for these sustainable packing options, you not only save money but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Planning your Move with the Right Steps

Planning your Move with the Right Steps

Planning your move with the right steps can make the difference between a stressful relocation and a smooth transition. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your things for a move:

1. Create a Moving Checklist

Begin by drafting a comprehensive moving checklist that covers every aspect of your move, from hiring movers or renting a moving truck to purchasing packing supplies. This checklist should include important dates, such as your moving date, deadlines for changing your address, and when to cancel or transfer utilities.

2. Budget Your Move

Calculate the expected costs for professional movers, truck rental, packing supplies, movers cost, and additional services like packing and storage units. Use a moving cost calculator to estimate expenses for both local and long-distance moves. Don’t forget to set aside money for unexpected costs like last-minute supplies or additional moving insurance.

3. Declutter and Donate

Reduce the volume of items you need to move by decluttering. Sell, donate, or dispose of things you no longer need. This not only simplifies your move but can also reduce the cost of moving services and packing supplies.

4. Gather Packing Supplies

Invest in quality packing supplies. While free-moving boxes can be tempting, ensure they are sturdy enough to protect your belongings. Consider eco-friendly options like rented plastic bins for a sustainable move and to save on costs associated with buying new cardboard boxes.

5. Start Packing Early

Begin packing non-essential items well in advance. Label each box clearly with its contents and the room it belongs to, which will simplify the unpacking process. For valuable items, consider professional packing services to ensure they are securely packed.

6. Plan for Moving Day

Confirm arrangements with your moving company or truck rental. Prepare an essentials box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival at your new home, such as toiletries, a change of clothes, and important documents.

Tips for Saving Money and Reducing Costs

Tips for Saving Money and Reducing Costs

Failing to plan ahead can lead to underestimating the requirements for your move, resulting in common mistakes such as:

  • Not having enough packing supplies, leads to last-minute, often expensive purchases.
  • Overlooking the need for specialty movers for heavy items, which can add unexpected costs.
  • Misjudging the time it takes to pack and move, potentially resulting in rushed packing and the risk of damage.

By meticulously planning each step of your move, you can avoid the pitfalls of moving and save costs. One way to save money while moving is by comparing quotes from multiple moving companies or truck rental services to find the best deal.

You should also book movers or rental trucks well in advance, especially during peak moving season, to avoid higher rates. In addition, use towels, bedding, and clothing to wrap and protect fragile items, saving money on bubble wrap and packing paper. This helps to eliminate some additional moving costs.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Bins as a Cost-Effective Alternative

Eco-Friendly Plastic Bins as a Cost-Effective Alternative

Opting for eco-friendly plastic bins as a packing solution for moving offers a practical and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional packing methods. The process of renting eco-friendly plastic bins is straightforward and designed to alleviate the stress and waste typically associated with moving. 

Companies specializing in these rentals like Stack Move will deliver a set number of sturdy, reusable bins to your current residence before your moving date. These bins are designed to stack neatly, making them easy to fill, transport, and unpack. Once you’ve settled into your new home, the company will arrange to pick up the bins at a convenient time, thus eliminating any hassle related to disposing of packing materials.

Moving, particularly in busy areas like Los Angeles or for long-distance relocations, generates a substantial amount of waste and can be a source of significant stress. The average moving cost for a 1-bedroom apartment already encompasses various expenses – from hiring professional movers or local moving companies to securing a moving truck or additional services like packing and storage units. 

Adding the cost and environmental impact of disposable moving boxes can further escalate this stress. By choosing to rent eco-friendly plastic bins, not only do you mitigate these environmental concerns, but you also streamline your packing process, making it more organized and less chaotic. This choice can be a cost-effective alternative, potentially saving money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing single-use cardboard boxes and packing supplies.

In the context of moving in Los Angeles or undertaking long-distance moves, where the movers’ cost, moving company fees, and the logistics of managing a move are already complex, opting for plastic bin rentals offers a simple yet effective way to reduce your environmental impact and manage moving costs. Whether you’re dealing with local Los Angeles movers, facing the challenges of a long-distance move, or simply seeking to minimize the overall moving cost, eco-friendly plastic bins present a practical solution. They not only safeguard your belongings during the move but also align with broader environmental goals by reducing waste and supporting sustainability efforts.

Looking to make a residential move soon? Reach out to Stack Moves now for your plastic bins and dollies! You will be amazed by the affordability of these supplies.

Company Commitment to Sustainability

Moving companies that prioritize sustainability are increasingly recognizing the importance of offering eco-friendly options to their customers. By integrating practices like providing reusable plastic bins for moves, these companies demonstrate a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. Choosing a moving company with a focus on sustainability supports a larger mission of preserving our planet for future generations and aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

As you prepare for your next move, particularly if relocating a 1-bedroom apartment, consider the environmental impact and costs associated with traditional moving methods and pot for a moving company committed to sustainability.

Reach out to Stack Move today and make a choice that benefits both your wallet and the planet. Choose sustainability, Choose Stack Moves!